Using the Collections

Using the Collections

Video Screeners


"Screeners" are lower quality versions of the highest quality master media. Users may download transcripts or metadata from this website but are not permitted to download any of the mp4 video files, which are view-only. If you need to request mp4 screener downloads for any videos, there is a service fee of $60 per item to produce these for non San Francisco State University users. Please contact the Television Archivist for full details.







Video Masters


To access higher quality video masters - which are preserved as ProRes video files - users must first negotiate permissions or a license directly with the designated copyright holder for that footage. For full details please contact the Television Archivist. Most of our masters are currently preserved as standard definition ProRes files but all 16mm film assets can be remastered in up to full frame 4K resolution as required.





Unprocessed Assets


Only about 5% of our film and video assets have been digitized, producing a digital copy that can be watched online. The rest of our media assets are still only preserved in their original film or broadcast video formats. Users may search through a database of over 70,000 unprocessed assets to try and find material for your project. Please contact the Television Archivist to discuss options and costs to obtain mp4 screener downloads, sourced from unprocessed film and video.





Still can't find it?


We work regularly with local TV stations, filmmakers, other media archives and know a lot of people, so if you can't find what you're looking for on our website there's a good chance we can still point you in the right direction... Please contact the Television Archivist to request any leads or referrals for your project.